Teraterm 4 90 ZipEnglish Version 13.36 MB 9200

Extremely useful Terminal Program that we use a lot for configuring and testing devices

WL510 Discovery Tool V2 3 ZipEnglish Version 126.55 KB 1952

Tool to discover WL510 units after a reset or if badly configured (requires Java JRE to be installed)

SocketTest ZipEnglish Version 61.26 KB 882

UDP and TCP test tool that will run on Windows/Mac/LINUX (requires Java JRE to be installed)

Tftp ZipEnglish Version 176.04 KB 1410

Two "Tiny FTP" utilities useful if you "brick" your router or WL510

UsbTreeView ZipEnglish Version 338.11 KB 1145

Windows tool to display all of the information about USB devices and hubs

Original NMEA To Ethernet Utility ZipEnglish Version 6.41 MB 1227

Configuration tool for our iNavHub, NTN10 and original AISNet unit (sold prior to Sept 2015)

USBDeviceRemover ZipEnglish Version 5.53 MB 2523

Windows tool to remove troublesome USB drivers

NetSurveyor Setup ZipEnglish Version 5.82 MB 875

Useful real-time Wi-Fi Spectrum Analyser program for Windows

Latest AISNet Configuration ToolEnglish Version 18.86 MB 3842

V1.33 Configuration tool for our latest AISNet units that have firmware V1.4.1. If you have an older version of firmware V1.04 and an older configuration program V1.03B, please continue to use them. We do not recommend updating as there are no significant improvements or bug fixes. The ZIP file contains a single Java application file (.JAR) and needs the latest Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer which is available from the Java website.... https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp

GPS150 Utility ZipEnglish Version 5.65 MB 1709

Windows program to Monitor and Display all of the GPS and GLONASS data from our GPS150 units